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About Clement Collections

Our Vision & Beliefs

The Customer is the most important contributing factor to our success

We will at all times act with a high level of integrity and treat all people fairly and ethically

We are committed to a team environment with all members encouraged to share ideas, skills and grow our company and those of our clients together

You, our client will thrive on our passion, our belief and our drive to deliver a personalized debt collection service with consistent communication

Our Mission

To become the first choice of New Zealand business for their debt collection requirements by delivering superior results and unmatched customer service incorporating consistent communication to increase NZ business profits.

A Personal Message from the Manager:

The Debt Collection industry in New Zealand is not regulated by the Government. This means debt collection agencies are not required to abide by any specific industry rules or regulations and unfortunately, this can mean that unprofessional and unscrupulous debt collectors can operate here.

We at Clement Collections feel very strongly that our industry needs tighter controls.The ability to uphold appropriate law changes would be of great benefit not only to those credible and responsible agencies in the industry, but also to New Zealand business as a whole.