Clement Collections
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The Clement Collection Difference


We are truly dedicated to delivering a professional, ethical service based on respect and communication at all times.

Our clients receive a report every month and are updated regularly on each individual debt. This is done via person, phone, post, fax, email or text as per our clients' requirements and preferences.

We listen before we collect

Each debt placed with us is treated separately and has a collection strategy created specifically based on its individual merits.

We do not 'chase' debt, we collect debt

We are aware that our clients' have taken all steps possible to recover payment from the debtor before handing the debt to a collector, and understand that repayment is required in a timely, no nonsense fashion.

We charge commission on a performance basis

We only charge commission on monies collected. This enables you to utilize our service at no risk. No collection - No Commission.

Preliminary collection predictions

If our investigations show your debt is highly unlikely to be successfully collected we will advise you.

No waiting until the following month for payments received

We are one of the few companies that pay out money collected (minus any commissions if applicable) twice a month.

Credit management advice

We encourage our customers to do credit checks before giving credit. We also give free advice to our clients on credit documentation to enable: 

  • recording of pertinent information to increase the success rate of debt collection
  • the ability to legally pass all collection costs on to their debtors
  • security filing on the PPSR for priority repayment from liquidated companies


We are mindful that any recovery action requested by our clients reflects directly upon them. We always act professionally and in a manner that protects the integrity and reputations of the companies we represent in the undertaking of our credit management role.